Estevez vs Hart

Emilio Estevez from Maximum Overdrive vs Black Owen Hart from WWF.

Who takes it?!



Take a hint, dude

Junnk - Take a hint, dude
Give me the hint then. Frankly, you seem like a Black Hart guy.

The Mighty Duck man, I swear to God, I was there. I was like, "Emilio."

Thread of the year candidate, imo.




What in tarnation?

ChomskyBlackBelt -

Haha! Just realized my 1000th post was on this abomination of a thread.

I like that.

I dated a girl that worked at MIT for a bit. She said that Chomsky was an old loon these days.

I told her how we also had a loon on named Chomsky.

Coincidence? Yay? Nay? You Gay?