Estonian Team Scared&Paranoid MMA

...strikes again.

Last night in the local MT event there were 2 MMA matches:

In an amateur C-class fight -92 kg (3x3 minutes, no protective gear, on the ground NO strikes to the head, full contact standing up) Indrek Kumm took a 3-0 decision against an experienced Latvian slugger (who was a last minute replacement) by taking the opponent down and getting mount in every round but not being able to finish as the Latvian just clinged onto him in the bottom not really trying to escape. Some scrambles and slugging inbetween.

In a B-class semi-pro fight -67 kg (2x5 minutes, pro rules basically) Lauri √úlenurm hit a BRUTAL KO a few seconds into the fight against Toni Talvaite - a more experienced young and aggressive ground oriented fighter. Toni kind of freezed on the feet for a splitsecond and Lauri hit a extremely accurate overhand right and dropped Toni who had some instinctive defence on the ground but went completely out when Lauri followed up with 5-6 BIG punches from half guard. Lauri is a BJJ purplebelt with his last win on the ground (TKO punches from the mount against a Latvian thaiboxer) so now he is to be feared in every distance...

Photos and videos to follow soon.

Lauri's fight filmed with photo camera.




Some pics from this and previous Fight Night

Cool stuff!

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very sweet team Estonia.