Ethereum: eth, etc, dao tokens

This is a long shot, but Looking for some help. Have a few eth from awhile ago, pre dao hack. Kind of forgot about it until recently. 


Apparently after the dao fiasco the hard fork created etc and eth.  Looking through some articles it looks like you can split the addresses of etc/eth and also get a refund on dao tokens.

Is there an order of operations here that matters? Do I need to split addresses and then refund the dao tokens or vice versa.... or does it really not matter?


a little confused to be honest. Maybe someone here can help while I continue to research.

You should have two different currencies in one address, but on two block chains.

One blockchain will be ETC the other (current) will be ETH.

I would recommend watching a YouTube video.

The DAO website will also have tutorials explaining how to go about reclaiming your eth.

Once all of that is said and done I would make an account at an exchange. Like poloniex, or kraken. Then you won't have to worry about dealing with wallets and keeping up to date with newest rev.

Thanks for the info.