Ethereum going crazy, like bitcoin

What do you mean?

Are you white knuckling the mouse with a red bull enema?

Haha not quite. Just had a coffee but that is as far as I’m going tonight.

Just taking profit into this whale who is trying to push it higher. If he gets the squeeze he wants I’ll take another 25%. Gotta get past me first though

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@mataleo1 can we get a Docs description on wtf would happen to your blood pressure if you took a red bull enema?


Looks like he’s gonna barge me out the way. Bastard

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2021 retirement confirmed? hot dog!


Guy i work with says thinks this setup is imminent basing on the halving cycle

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Hey let it go man, I’m long with a bot for the first time on chr haha

Tether CTO live now

I’ve listened to several recent podcasts and sounds like tether is a scam…worth a listen


Out of that trade

Back to enjoying the sun

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A positive narrative with few nonplus moments from Elon. Jack did pretty good.

We should track well.

Lovely positive day so far

Ouch brutal last 20 minutes.

shits grinding up. maybe there is light soon lads!

Not one mention of Twitter Jack trolling ETH? Low key one of the best trolls he could do on Twitter.

Am I the only one who feels like shit is about to pop off this weekend.

I know weekends usually are a waste but idk got that feeling in my gut.

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Yep although i alrady got scared out of my eth position during that 20 minutes of fear. But even though it pushed down past that lost to my liquidation price point prior to going up so im looking at it as a win. and WTF look at AXS fly…

Not sure about the weekend, but I definitely feel a shift. My bags are happy.