Ethereum going crazy, like bitcoin

Thats a lot of words for “cope”

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People think eth is money?

I have been hearing this for years and years about stellar lumens. In that time it has done exactly nothing.

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If you can buy a kilo of blow on the darkweb, it’s money, baby.


Just picked up more SHIB and NEAR coin.

NEAR has some big plans in the future /metaverse type stuff. Coin is already at $15+ and going up.


More on NEAR


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Yep… Eth is going to drop bigly


You’re a scamming bitch, and anyone that’s actually been around this thread from it’s start knows that. You’ve changed what bullshit you’re scamming atleast 3x time. Anyone that is listening to piece of shit is going to get rekt.

You able to point to where that is sir?

I refer you to this

I have never had one cent from anyone. As the video i posted proved. The wallet is clearly visible there. Everything I have done is very transparent you dislike me for my religion and my politics. Which is not good business sense. Of everybody here i am the only one fully doxed.

People like you are a waste of energy.

People try to cast shade on those they can never compete with.

Ive been very transparent that we started with QPi and why we never took off. We have launched meta-fi which is a different project. Just because you will never even have one good idea in your life doesnt mean other snarter people wont have many many more than you.

Ill also add this, if someone were to allege being scammed they should prove it by demonstrating the transactions on the blockchain very clearly. Its nigh on impossible to hide transaction routes on blockchain therefore recovery of stolen funds is a relatively easy process far easier than Fiat Tracing of stolen funds.

The video for context. We will be running another raffle shortly. Maybe blue dream will even try to make some money this time :’)

Shall I buy ethereum or bitcoin?

ETH for the near to mid term. BTC for the long term. Not financial advice

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What’s your goal dummy?


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Buy baby doge floki inu coin