Ethereum going crazy, like bitcoin

Most of the threads are about suicide…

Yeah I got in on luna, enjin coin, and some other bullshit coins that were way up high when I sold my mana and got in on a buncha shit that was in the red before we even took this massive hit. Lol, fook me. Don’t even have money to buy the dip unfortunately.

Yeah. My Ada, solana and dot has taken a little hit as well. It’s no longer alt coins and all into bit and eth I think from now.

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At least with Solana there is a chance is comes back in the next bull market.

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Buy cosmo/atom and bitcoin. Both will ralley in time.

I just bought more DOT.


I fucking hope. I’ve got about 15% of my crypto investments in Solana. And I bought it at what was a great price… Until the last month or so.

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Holy shit sub is nuts. Do people not understand don’t buy stocks or crypto if you don’t have the money to lose? When I buy I immediately consider that money gone so when there is a dip or crash it doesn’t affect me very much.


DCA more,Solana will be the next big thing and potentially ethereum, killer.

Just got a little Luna at 0.00024… Wish I’d caught it when there was another 0 up there but whatever.

No shit. It’s hard to feel sorry for those that say, “I put my entire life savings into an investment and now it’s gone! Nothing left to do but kill myself, oh well.”

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i still don’t know what Vitalik was even talking about tbh

What did he say?

did some big long thread on twitter about contradictions.

Thanks I’ll check it out.

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He’s finally mentioning how centralized his creation is and problems with it. It looks like he’s ready to bail. But he knows he can’t.


I just want it to get to 20k or 30k before he does that. He needs to stay the course!

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