Ethereum going crazy, like bitcoin

Lol, tangible? Its receipt for a hash on a blockchain.

Depends on what the nft is, if its a contract is 100% an analogue for a contract as per our systen and the outfit I am currently advising.

Anyone keeping an eye on BAT?


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Do you count a contract as something tangible or not?

How is it tangible? It’s an agreement. Maybe if it’s on paper, legalized.

Digital and even implied contracts exist all over the place. If you consider it tangible on paper its tangible in electronic form.


As far as I know, depends on the contract. Some are legally binding, but smart contracts aren’t necessarily going to be enforced in the legal system like any other contract, whether paper or digital.

Well as far as the law is concerned the medium of a contract is not important, all that it takes to create a contract is offer, acceptance, consideration.

Eth returning to intrinsic value of $40

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So… how bout this weather?

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Wow… BTC maxis always win

Enough fud. Security leak of people’s private keys. Nothing to do with Solana. Price action doesn’t lie. Market gives no shits.