Ethereum going crazy, like bitcoin

You say that because you’re someone that’s building on that shitcoin. You see, your incentives are aligned so you call it FUD.
Like for starters, you say that like even having peoples private keys to leak in the 1st place is a thing to disregard lol wtf?

i’m a blockchain believer, so to an extent i have cautious optimism for various projects including solana, but i’ll agree that it’s ridiculous to try to downplay sol’s string if issues from recent memory.

you can only fall back on the the “it’s a beta” excuse so long before the fact it’s a beta becomes the reason it’s abandoned for more mature technology

I was trying to warn anyone that could lose all their money.

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“Blockchain believer” sounds a bit religious to me, but what’s it based on?
Blockchains aren’t efficient for what they are being used for on these various projects, at least I haven’t seen one, and none of them are actually decentralized so what’s the point?

Believer that the technology is a precursor to a future of financial freedom, for one. Bitcoin is absolutely decentralized.

That’s kind of my point. You can only have real financial freedom with Bitcoin as it’s the only one that is decentralized and secure. All other projects are just selling a promise and a token that’s usually doomed from the start, even if it 100x at some point.
Bitcoin stands out above the rest for way more reasons than just price action and being the 1st. It’s not the blockchain that makes Bitcoin an innovation. It’s the blockchain with a number of other factors all together that make it what it is.
Being 1st is actually what hinders it sometimes because people think it’s old/outdated yet don’t put in the time to understand what makes it stand out. They just want to catch the early side of a pump and I get that but it’s too risky imo to mess with anything except the one with the best fundamentals- And Still
The undisputed champion of the crypto world - Bitcoin


oh, if anyone on this thread sounds dogmatic, i have to say it’s you. and that’s among a whole host of crypto acolytes and militant anti-crypto enthusiasts posting here

i used the term colloquially and you couldn’t get your dick out fast enough.

take one of the small victories you’ve had in your long crusade on this thread, thank ghengiseanie for, it and please leave me alone

Jesus Christ, you roll over and show your belly fast. Did I say something to offend you Sally?
I was just asking a question, I guess you can’t answer it. Don’t get all bitchy for no damn reason.
Getting all defensive and shit, just answer the question.
What is a centralized blockchain good for?
It’s not dogma, it’s fundamental understanding of the monetary policy and how it works with the tech.

I wouldn’t trust centralized blockchain with my money but I would with certain things that I am a user of, not an owner of.

Voting. Order tracking and order history. Grades at a school.
Use cases to avoid a sudden or hostile takeover or when you want to control where or how the blockchain is updated. They own the blockchain but it can and should be distributed for audit and accountability.

Sure but none of those use cases require a token do they? That’s my point. That’s where it’s just a money grab.


Thats down to ‘slope’ and some mobile wallet provider. I will not put a wallet on my phone as I dont trust phones OS and Wifi networks that you join everywhere.

It is not a solana problem, is the point.

And whilst my own meta-fin project is building on Proof Of History. Solana may not be the chain we use now. As we test new elements. We may create a new token standard.

Meanwhile my COO Job (employed) in crypto, is for a project based on Avax.

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Seriously, what’s the big deal? What’s the problem?

Lol is this a serious question? Shits broken man, they are going to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.

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Star Trek GIF

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Be funny if ETH flipped BTC.

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