Ethereum going crazy, like bitcoin

If it did, it would be completely manipulated and not good at all for anyone, except the few that know enough to get out while they can.

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Lol at these DeFi cucks

i do think if ETH ever gets its gas fees under control, it will fly like nobody’s business.

Not saying that’s impossible but ETH has much bigger problems than just the gas fees right now.

My time with eth is just about over.

oh fo sho. i don’t have any ETH. just be funny to see.

Another great thread on ETH and it’s centralization.
Consensys proposing to have CBDCs on ETH :rofl:


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Ethermail airdrop. You know it’s gonna be huge, maybe even like ENS.


Free ConsenSys NFT on the day of the merge. might as well grab it…

we have some free NFT drops coming up shortly actually.

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Merge day…