Ethereum going crazy, like bitcoin


No. Not really. Tonight.

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I am securing Eth off of staking, all the miners were turned off last month.
If there is going to be a train wreck or mass theft it will be soon.

Cum on already

Already done without a hitch


I don’t think anyone expected any technical issue to happen but it’s not without a hitch. The hitch is that it’s now more centralized than it was before.

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From: A Bitcoiner's Guide to Proof of Stake - by Scott Sullivan

Be interesting to see if innovation begins to move ETH away from non innovation like Bitcoin.

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Not sure what you mean. Can you elaborate?
Bitcoin through PoW is the innovation. More innovation comes on 2nd, 3rd layers.
And what is innovative about PoS?

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Sounds like a huge waste of time for nothing (really).

Why so many transactions pending?
Was a little over 200k transactions hanging in the mempool a few hours ago, now up to 316k.

See for yourself:

GPUs are now available in fucking droves and prices are plummeting…but now who fucking cares…my old 1080ti GPU still boots to most menus screens…/

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I unplugged all of mine last month. Was super hot and it was easier to figure out their actually cost to operate with out the extra uses of winter on the hydro.
Now I think all the gpu’s/pc’s will go out to youtube content creators. Gamers and editors.

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Have people stopped mining? Is there going to be little demand for video cards now that will lower their prices?