Ethereum going crazy, like bitcoin

VET on binance, criminally underrated.

a good breakdown:

ZIL is a good one

I’ve had a few k of these for s while now. It’s steadily but slowly going up over the last few months

been off for a month or two, trying to buy a house and the insanity of young kids, didnt have the bandwidth for crypto but i seen its been a manic month or two…hows it all going gents?

ps this forum update sucks balls, one reason ive not been on is the app on my android stopped working

ah man, im sorry to hear that Jux. Sounds like your old man has been through the mill but is a fighter, and great that he has you by his side. Sending thoughts your way; I went through something similar with my stepfather over Christmas, it really took its toll, and another of the reasons ive not had the bandwidth for crypto of late. Hang in there fella.

Solana is a legit threat to ETH in the coming years in my opinion.

The price has gone nuts since the start of the year, but it’s still way undervalued and I’ve been adding on every dip. I think it should be right there with DOT and ADA already and it will be pretty soon.

ETH simply has a scaling issue that nobody knows for sure whether it will get solved even with layer 2. Solana doesn’t have this issue from the start already doing 50k TPS and will be able to do more in the future and super cheap transactions for fractions of a cent.

DYOR, but the ecosystem is growing super fast and you have some amazing projects being built on it along with very strong backing from big industry players.


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lol fuck off.

Meanwhile BAT still doing well and ZIL/ Ecomi aremy super picks. MY LCX play has been disappointing so far However been doing this too long to be a lettuce handed chump.

I think we take off soon

Hopefully the pressure under 60k has been built & the lid can pop off


I’ve previously posted the pi cycle as a possible top indicator. That’s an update from it’s creator.

So annoyed with my self, I took profits on the first dip of the BAT run, at 1.49… I wanted reentry at 1.38 NOoooo 1.61 and now stable at 1.49 Still profit is profit

2.O will fuckstart your mouth.

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If you don’t make monies next week we can apologize.

Eth 2.0?

Not a healthy push. Derivative lead weekend breaks usually retrace

So… Down we go?