EthereumMax aka eMax, get in now!

Is this Gohkstein guy legit?

My Epro is in the black now

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Mayweather at weigh ins…

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when is this abortion on?

Dude…this has been such a weird fucking token to follow.

From looking like a quick pump n dump to having shaky, unproven connections to a legit major sporting event to people jumping ship in droves due to a bad rollout and then evidence of those connections being at least somewhat legit.

My brother and I have had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs following this development so far.


Experiment over, converted everything back to eth. Made about $560 and learned how to use uniswap. Thanks would gamble again.


They lost all momentum.

This would have thrived had they kept going in the influencer direction.

Whatever direction they are going now seems like they are circling the drain. Not just price. Overall.

Turning into a crow chart… if you follow Tim Sykes.

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Well colour me shocked.

I just got into Crypto and still know nothing. I’ve been interested in buying EMax for a bit but am not sure which platform I should buy it on? Right now I just use coinbase

Why is this blowing up right now?

It’s a shitcoin with no use it was always going to end up like this.

If you got in at the start of this thread you can still get out for profit

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I am not a part of this project in any way. DYOR.

Russ Davis tweeted about it…

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Apparently there will be no selling in the first 10 minutes as they have hired a company to identify bots. The bots’ wallets will be locked and prevented from ever selling.

I am not saying this is good or bad just stating the information as I understood it

More details on this?

Change thread title to official shitcoin pump and dump thread

As soon as you change your name to queer without a life