Etienne and Clay-Bey

anyone besides me remember a few short years ago when these two were seen as the future of the HW division? they had the HW fight of the year, and have gone on to do nothing since. CLay-Bey blew up into a giant fatass, and Etienne laid down for Tyson. its sad

yeah, that's what i'm talking about. CLay-Bey fought Immamu Mayfield the other night and it was disgusting how he's let himself go

Hmmmm....did someone get eliminated...I only see two posts...both from JH...and it seems like he's talking to someone...unless he's been drinking of course...

yeah i remember that fight....I don't remember them being the HW's of the future at the time, but that was a hell of a fight....I remember even back then though they were saying Cley Bey had to make a move soon cuz he was getting old...

clay-bey definately comes from the kirk johnson school of physique's

they need to do that daily

lol, hopefully

I remember that fight! Didn't CLay-Bey drop his hands at one point and let Etienne tee off on him with absolutely no effect? Clay-Bey might not have been the greatest boxer there was, but he could sure as hell take a punch.

It was a good fight, two undefeated hw prospects getting a national showcase on the undercard. Etienne may not have the best beard, but hes been in some good scraps and makes for a good fight. Clay Bey's been up and down, but dont forget that his eye problems put him on the shelf for a long time. I give Clay Bey credit for sticking with the sport. Hes had some bad luck.

Etienne won. It was a GREAT fight. I was there (it was on the undercard of Lewis-Tua) and it was sort of like a poor man's version of "Thrilla in Manila." Etienne was Frazier to Clay-Bey's Ali. Most of the action was on the ropes as Clay-Bey camped there, took a ton of punches, then would rip off these dazzlingly fast, sweet combos that had Cliff hurt and backing up, but then Cliff would fire in return. Great fight.

That fight was a real indicator of how much talent Clay-Bey had and how he could've been a better fighter if he'd taken weight off. He reminds me exactly of Tony Tubbs...even his weight - usually high 230s at a minimum, was like Tubbs.......

If Clay Bey could've taken another 20 lbs off...or replaced those rolls with muscle, he certainly could've gone farther in the division. He had very fast hands and smarts, though not much of a punch.