Etiquette when a hot girl is no longer hot

Remind her when she said “not if you were the last man on earth” did not factor in 3 kids, 50lbs later.

50 lbs? It might be 150 lbs.

For perspective,

InterMat Wrestling - InterMat Reads: Brock Lesnar Book?

“Brockfast of Champions” poster, featuring Lesnar in his Minnesota singlet, complete with call-outs that provided a “tale of the tape” as to the measurements of his 20" neck, 52" chest, and more.)

If my estimates are correct, her waist is bigger than Brock Lesnar’s chest his senior year of college. Brie’s arms might be close to his neck measurement.

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I had a crazy ex-gf who was smoking hot.

At an on-line reunion for school I noticed she put on close to 100lbs.

Wow, tough visual.

I’m going to save you some time. When you mention an ex we will assume the crazy part.

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MY CRAZY EX-GF IS A NICE…oh wait…yeah, she was crazy…never mind…

The worst piece of pussy I ever had was damn good,

Fuck her.

Met up with a girl I went to high school with. In high school she was smoking hot. Big titties , nice body. Dance team member , preppy chick. Anyway we meet up 10 years after highschool and it looked like this new version of her ate her former self. 250# + easy
She had a good job, and was really nice but gross obese ! She invited me back to her place but I declined.

Another girl I knew in high school I was a senior & she was a sophomore. Little hottie I’d finger banged her back in the day. She gets ahold of me & sight unseen I go pick her up one night. Bitch is huge ! I nearly drove off when she came out the door. So fat ! What happened to the 110# girl I’d known once upon a time … I bit down on my mouth piece & smashed this fattie. Idk why I did. She was Fattest bitch I ever fucked I never talked to her again after that. Funny my buddy hit her up & banged her too !! Lol Memories


You may have defective pheromones, attracting huge women like that.

In answer to the original OP and a couple of others, is it really that tough to just say, “Hey, you look great!” to a fatty? I mean, you’re not going to fuck her, why not just say something nice? Im sure she’s aware of the fact that shes fat either way.


If my kids got an F on a test, should I say “GREAT JOB!”? If a dept. member did careless work that cost our office a few 100K should I say “That’s awesome!”?

We as a society deserve to perish if we value political correctness or outright lies over truth.

If it was a meaningful or important interaction where the truth mattered, I would agree. Its just a fat girl, and its already no fun being a fat girl. Believe me, she already knows she’s fat, and she’s going to know you dont think she’s attractive when you dont try to fuck her. Its just being nice to a fat girl. I mean, unless you resent that you couldnt bang her back in the day and are now enjoying her downfall and some imaginary revenge while you measure her against your bed…


There is a major difference between decency/not being an asshole, and political correctness. You have an investment in your child’s future, losing $100k directly affects you personally. You have skin in the game.
But I digress.

“while you measure her against your bed”, " I’m measuring my bed to figure out her waist size."-

WTF? I just happened to put the tape measure on top of the bed because it was convenient; I could just as easily have put it on the dining room table or the floor.

In all seriousness, I have no intention of putting Brie down or being rude to her; I just can’t believe that a former college athlete has let herself go like that. Most of us reading this thread probably didn’t compete at the level she did in our sports. Pre- Hurricane Sandy, she was stunning. I admit I looked for nudes of her online, or at least hoped for bikini or wet t shirt pics (I didn’t find any). I personally never jerked off while thinking about Brie, but I’m sure there are guys at her college who did. Some of you guys may have rated her 8.75 or higher.

Now she is on the opposite end of the spectrum- it’s crazy. I am about 9" taller than she is, my squat max was probably around 400 lbs before the pandemic, and her thighs are about as thick as mine.

I’m not going to insult her, but I’m not sure of the best way to interact with her.

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One day, the 80 year old version of yourself is going to call todays version of you a butt floopin, faggot, pussy, slack-jawed, non-hetero for not taking this one-time student athlete/beauty queen and bringing her backyounger years with a passionate vaginal thrashing, complete with oral and spooning. Dont be scared homie, fuckin man up and bring us pics like a Cat with a dead bird. Be bold and mighty forces will come to youe aide young grasshopper.


:astonished: I am simply amazed at the number of guys on the OG who would ridicule someone for NOT committing adultery with a morbidly obese woman. I could imagine if my wife found out, what would her response be? “WTF is wrong with you?! You couldn’t have cheated with a supermodel??”


… I’m simply amazed that the OG surprised you.

Look, obviously OP is not going to bang her. He needs to bring in a large woman specialist.

Send me address.

Screen name does NOT check out.

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I could imagine your wife’s reaction to you stalking your high school fantasies and measuring their bodies on the bed she sleeps on Lolol


Paging @Floppy_Divac

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