Etiquette when a hot girl is no longer hot

If she did get away, it doesn’t sound like she’d be too hard to find…

*hopefully this quotes correctly


Built for comfort, not speed… Mmmmmm, send location and a camera crew.


I ran into Brie a few hours ago (figuratively, not literally- I only weigh 228 lbs. so she could have knocked me over.) She was coming from the general direction of the cafeteria and I felt bad for thinking “I hope there is some food left.”

When Brie said hi to me, I think she blushed a little because I said “Hi” back but stood there staring for a few seconds. She said “You look good” to me, and I responded by congratulating her on her new position. We made some small talk, and I noticed she wasn’t wearing a ring on either hand. While that could have been because she’s doubled in size since getting married and it doesn’t fit anymore, I went on FB for further investigation. Her profile still has pics of her kids and a family pic with her husband, but her profile has “No relationship info to show.” Her husband also has “No relationship info to show” in his profile. He has no pics of Brie in his Photos. Brie has a city that is “an unincorporated community” located in the city her husband has listed as where he lives.

One of you chubby chasers might have a chance with her!



Not one pic in this thread…

This place is falling apart

Hot girls really need to find someone in their 20,s. The way nature works is if you have a stable relationship with a guy and grow old with him he sees you the same way you looked in your 20’s if you do the bare minimum to stay in shape. 10 pounds isn’t a deal breaker. A 45 yr old bitch that used to be hot is going to have a real hard time being ignored by guys she wouldn’t give the time of day to 20 yrs ago. Mother Nature is a cruel bitch to women just like men she just fucks us up in jr high and women when they’re 40

Great to see you, it’s been a while, looks like you’ve been eating well.

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Technically the glass is full. Air has no spatial value in the equation.

You still haven’t smashed it?

shame GIF

On the day of my wedding, I took a vow to be faithful to her for the rest of our lives, “til death do us part.” I love and respect my wife so much that If I cheat on her, it’s going to be with some Playmate/ Victoria’s Secret Model type. I would never insult the love of my life and mother of my children by banging someone who makes a Weight Watchers recruiter salivate and see dollar signs.

……but you would break the vow. Get some work in with that fatty. So you can tighten up your A Game, for the time this Playmate falls from the sky.
Where is this broad? I’m gonna fat shame her into skinniness. Then I’m mashing that gash. This is unacceptable.

More likely as a college swimmer in her 20s she was burning a shit ton of calories and now that her metabolism has slowed down, she stopped exercising as much and possibly had kids, she can’t keep up with the caloric intake she used to. Have you ever seen Michael Phelps’ diet?

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Here is some good news for you: Brie might be trying to lose some weight. I had my wife measure my reach, which is about 74 1/8". Just eyeballing it, but if I were to put my arms around Brie’s waist, I might be able to clasp my hands onto my forearms. It’s very possible that her waist is only 56"-59", and not over 60". Her neck was also slightly visible.


Then she should cut down on the caloric intake. By 2011, she had already graduated college. She didn’t put on the weight immediately, even a few years after that I would look for nudes of her online and check on FB for any bikini or wet t-shirt pics. I didn’t find any, but she still looked great. She just kind of exploded at a certain point.

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Respect to all the guys who kept their standards high and turned down the porker when confronted with that tempting combination of nostalgia and opportunity.

And respect to all those who porked the fatty just to check that box on their bucket list, no matter the weight.

Kings. All of you.


You sir are good egg. See things from all
I. Appreciate.


Yeah tell your wife how you are stalking this chubster and her husband’s FB looking at their kids pictures to see if you can smash Lolol

So respectful


My wife did ask why I had her measure my reach, and I responded with the truth: that I couldn’t believe how fat Brie got and I was trying to estimate her waste size.

I did not tell my wife all the things I wanted to do to Brie in 2011, like how great it would have been to rub my cock between her tits. Of course now if Brie isn’t wearing a bra, her nipples are probably almost down by her navel. No, telling my wife that would have been inappropriate.

Op, eatin’ ain’t cheatin.

You considered giving brie oral?

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