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 Awesome piece

 awesome piece

Great thing Eugene is doing in that little area. East Palo Alto is a small city across the highway from Palo Alto and Standford University. It is still dangerous there at night. Around 1990 it had the highest murder rate per capita in the US before they addressed much of the gang problem head on.

A lot of tough Pacific Islanders ( Samoans and Tongans)in that neighborhood who are big and strong for their age, probably could find the next Mark Hunt in there .

Eugene worked at HOme Depot there in EPA at one time back when he fought in the UFC and trained with Tim Lajick in nearby Redwood City I seem to recall.

Love Eugene and what he represents. One of the most genuine and real men you will ever meet. Greatest story teller ever.

Pic of us (innercircleclothing) and Eugene at Undisputed!/photo.php?fbid=228378907194908&set=a.179661978733268.42873.137862932913173&type=1&theater

its only good if they are losin the 'hood' mentality in the process. otherwise they are just they same tapout dudes you see in the mall, cept they'll drive by yo gramma's house if you beat em down.

Great piece. Props to Eugene