Eugene Jackson vs Cung Le?

I say let Cung Le fight Eugene Jackson at the next Strike Force Event in San Jose..


ttt for Eugene

action jackson likes his ribs well done

Eugene fought and won in Strikeforce event a month ago

Eugene is a good fighter...his problem is that he isn't able to make a solid living by just fighting. He has to work a 9-5 and train before and after work.

both have strong ties to AKA, probably won't happen. plus both are over 32, leaving little time for this to occur

Hey Doug Wilson..Does Eugene still train with Tim, Doug, Joao or anyone from GTA? I assume GTA folded right?


GTA is still around and I know Tim is over there still but from what it sounds like Eugene is training at multiple places. Joao has a school in Half Moon Bay and trains with Euqene on occasion. Eugene is in his late 30's so his time is now

Hey doug-

You should get some of your guys on the AFC cards out here. The shows
are growing and there is always better quality fighting every time they put
the card out. Plus, it would be great to see some of the guys out this way.

I am going to see Doug evans when I am in Vegas in about a month.


I know who will be fighting jackson in the next strikefore..... Na, nana nana na.


All the fighters are pretty much managing themselves these days! Still a fan and enjoy being able to see these quality fighters right here! Vitor vs Randleman in a month!

Mike Seal vs Eugene?

;) fight to stand and stand when you fight. One way or the other they'll be a ko that night.

Mike el verdugo seal


cung le! cung le!cung le! cung le!