You have the task of breeding any one male heroe with any female hero to create the coolest one possible.
Side task do the same with a male villain and female villain to make a super kick ass creation. Just a bit of fun. Rules are pretty lenient they don't even have to be from the same universe I.e marvel can breed with dc or dark horse. But they must be comic characters. Phone Post 3.0

Hero: 3 I think would be awesome are a male offspring of x-23 and skaar. A female offspring of Star fire ( teen titans ) and Miles Moraes (ultimate spiderman). And a male offspring of Thor and Gamora would be a hell of a warrior. Phone Post 3.0

Sentry and Powergirl (DC) would be a mega powerful character.

Terra (DC) and Static (DC) could be pretty cool.

Molecule Man and Female Loki... Weird but dude, that baby would be science and magic.

why not mention the obvious?


Villains could be: female offspring of death stroke and cat woman. Male off spring of Saber tooth(wolverines rival) and Cheetah (the wonder woman villain). Female offspring of Cat woman and red hood. Phone Post 3.0