Europa Universalis 3

I know a few of you play this. I picked it up over the weekend and gave it a try. I need help!

I played a trial game with Castile to figure out the ropes, kicked the crap out of Moroco and even got some colonies, but then got smashed by France and Aragon.

Now I started a real game with England and conquered all of Ireland. I figure that my mainland posessions are a lost cause, so I'm not really bothering to defend them from France and Britany. I have a deficit of about 15/month (I'm overall positive for the year) at 0 treasury, and I get inflation if I mint money to balance the budget.

I need help with research and what i should be focusing on, money management, and general pointers. What do I need with the Papacy and the Holy Roman Empire? Which national ideas should I be adopting?

did you get EU3 complete? EU3 by itself is a bit lacking. Complete comes with Nappy's Ambition and In Nomine. If you want the best game ever, get Heir to the Throne too.

Your first campaigns are rough that's for sure. Consider turning inflation off for your first few to get the hang of it.

First thing to research is government to 5 i think. You get your first national idea. After that get your land up so you can get men at arms. Getting production to 8 is good cause u get workshops. If you play a naval nation getting naval to 9 is great for blockades.

national bank is a good first idea if you play with inflation.

another tip is dont go to much over your land limit as this can really drive up your upkeep.

military wise, i need to know what version you have.

I have complete. I've played enough strategy games to sort of be able to hang, but I feel rather shakey with this. There's so much going on that it's hard to keep track.

No way am I turning off inflation. I think it's a brilliant feature and one of the best ideas for a strategy/management game ever.

sweet. Then you have In Nomine. Easiest nation in IN is France. Almost unstoppable really. And with IN the best armies until around 1550-1600 are all cavalry. Then have an army of infantry follow that army around to siege. They fixed this in HTTT so you have to make balanced armies, but in IN cavalry is king at the beginning.

What's in Nomine? I bought EU3 Complete and started the grand campaign at 1399.

So far I'm more concerned with the economy. How is expenditure determined? How can I generate a large revenue without minting?

In Nomine was the 2nd expansion. It what you will be playing if you bought EU3 Complete.

The key to large income early on is trade. Send out merchants to the different centers of trade. You have to mint a little sometimes, thats why you need to get the National Bank idea and hire advisors that reduce inflation.

Does it make sense to send merchants automatically? Should I put my main trade center on hi priority, and others on medium or low? Does more trade centers mean more income? I don't have a manual, unfortunately.

Also, how do I sell provinces? I'm playing as England and I want to sell my mainland provinces.

Also, tell me about espionage. I want to take over Scotland, but I don't have casus beli. Is there a way to get it through spies? How?

To sell a province there is a sell province button. but you cant be at war if you want to sell a province.

you can use spies to gain a casus beli. if you look at your spy options, there is some action that if successful will give you a CB against them. With England i did whatever i liked. No one can touch your navy. Keep it up and do whatever you want on the English Isles. Keep an eye on your infamy though. Too much infamy and other countries may embargo you. Which is a big hit on the old economy. Also consider making London a CoT. It costs about 500.

I send merchants manually, but keep an eye on them or you will fall behind.

If you ever have some extra coin consider buying HTTT. It makes EU3 sooooo much better. The new casus belli system is awesome.

 Cool man, thanks! This is good advice. I don't know the acronyms yet, so bare with me.

CoT is Center of Trade? How do I make London that? What's HTTT?


The funny thing, the game basically has no graphics, but it's still more compelling than most new games that come out. The feeling I get playing this is like what i felt when I played Civ 1 the very first time when I was a kid. This game is phenomenal!

CoT is center of trade. There is a button on the city panel that allows you to build the CoT in London.

HTTT is Heir To The Throne. The final expansion for EU3.

Yeah for Grand Strategy, EU3 is king. Been a while since I played. Still hooked on NTW.

I'm something of a strategy buff and reasonably familiar with the time period depicted, but the game took a LOT of getting used to.

Many of the features aren't adequately explained and it took my third attempt to realise you are meant to send your merchants to Centres of Trade. Then it took a while to figure out how the trade system actually worked ie: you get more income from each merchant in the CoT (up to 5 max), but they also 'compete away' (eliminate) merchants from other countries and vice versa.

For the first National Idea, having National Bank saves a HUGE amount of hassle as you can crank monthly revenue (which you often need to avoid a deficit) without incurring inflation.

I'm at 1815 playing as Portugal.

Catholic Britain has colonised virtually the whole of South America apart (from Portugese Columbia), while Castille occupies present-day America. India and South Africa are a Portugese colonies.

Protestant Italy controls half the Balkans, while the Ottoman Empire (in a nightmare scenario) has reached the Baltic and is in the process of wiping Russia off the map.

I got it installed, and seriously find the tutorial lacking. I have no idea what the hell im supposed to be doing. I may just wait until Civ V to get my strat fix, or until I get a comp that can handle the new total war.

 To start with, research technology by raising the one of the sliders in the income screen (the default is invested evenly across the board, which sucks):








Stability (not really a technology, but try and keep Stability at 3 and 'research' it back to full if Stability drops due to game events)


Treasury (any invested here will be added to monthly income. This can also cause inflation)

The next thing is to send your merchants to Centres of Trade. At the bottom-right of the province tab there's an icon displaying which particular Centre of Trade that the province uses as it's trade hub:

Click on the icon to go to the CoT screen where you can assign merchants (it maxes out at 5 per CoT until you research Monopolies). In the CoT screen, click on the tab to the right of the 'merchant pyramid' to see a list of ALL the Centres of Trade. Here you can compare their value, your likelihood  of succeeding and even automate merchants by giving them priority.


For a list of all the relevant units, technologies and game concepts go here:


squatdog. once you finish your campaigns you really need to get HTTT. It adds so many cool features that you wont know how you played EU3 without it.

 Ok, I did pretty well last night. I'm at around 1460, there's once Scottish province left and the little Norwegian Island in the north. The rest of the Isles are mine.

I have a treasury of about 1500 and growing, my minting is at 0, but my inflation is at 4.5% due to previous minting. I made London a trade center. I think the economy is in check.

I keep getting pwnd on the mainland, but they never annex, and give me a white peace a few years after winning the seiges, so I don't really care.

I'm not making any spies. Why? I keep getting hit with espionage too, which sucks balls. How do I prevent it?<!-- / message -->

Spies are generated at a yearly rate determined by your domestic policy slider settings.

Mercantilism and Plutocracy generate spies.

squatdog. once you finish your campaigns you really need to get HTTT. It adds so many cool features that you wont know how you played EU3 without it.

I'll be downloading it once I get my internet connection sorted.

I think I found a bug. I locked my treasury slider, but sometimes it moves on it's own (when stability drops and I increase stability spending), and it could be a year before I catch it. This is very anoying.

Also, will I ever get to the point when I get more than 3 points of Stability?

Also, I'm now the British Empire. Does it make sense to switch to a Noble Republic or should I wait for something better to come along?

3 points stability is max.

 That blows. This means that I would be at negative 2 if switched my gov't to a Noble Republic. Is it even worth it to take such a massive hit?