Europe is becoming a right-wing continent

I think this is a stretch to believe Europe as a whole is becoming Right-Wing by American standards… But regardless, maybe the question they should be asking themselves is why?

Organic resistance to NWO leftism would be my guess. My biggest concern is the extremes. Do they not teach Newtons third law in middle school anymore?


they also have a rich history of being controlled by elite. they value their freedom because historically they know what it is like not to have any


Now we see how far the pendulum will swing.


It’s moving further right for sure. Sennin is bang on the money. It’s a reaction to the woke mob. Instead of being happy inching further to the left they go full retard, then the people who didn’t give a shit yesterday are angry today.

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Right wing no longer means smaller government and more free market it simply means nationalism and state-socialism

They are not going to be moving to free markets and laissez faire capitalism what is disappointing.


No, I think we’ll begin to see the rise of ACTUAL fascism. Like when someone calls you an asshole over and over because they disagree with you. ‘Oh, asshole huh? Here, lemme show you’.


Sadly true

Idiots like Le Pen

But in the most recent French election, Le Pen’s party did poorly

nice to see europe go right though

soon all this leftist bullshit will be dead and we can move on being free individuals

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I truly hope. Europe can learn from Hungary and Poland. But sadly I lost all faith in Europe.


Learn what from Hungary and Poland?

How to become authoritarian shitholes?


Nice try. Not biting :wink:


if it means we can start getting rid of fucks like you, then sure why not?


We really knows what he means

He just wants to limit immigration . Thats what “Right wing” means is to keep “foreigners out” what goes against free market principals

They are both turning repressive and authoritarian.

No troll

Blood and soil crap?

If you are not trolling then your double digit iq should earn you some form of a protective status.


Right wingers are no longer small limited goverment, free market and free enterprise , light touch on regulations and upholding rule of law to protect property rights

All right wing now cares about is blood and soil

So is your Democrip party you scumbag troll


Laughable as always