European Vale Tudo 4 results

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For those that didn't hear, Allan Goes couldn't get out of Brazil and so no Goes/Guillet main event.

-Robbie Oliver d. Sebastian Korschilgen via TKO

-Diego Gonzalez d. Tim Vinther via Decision

-Johan Antonsson d. Marcus Karallus via RN Choke

-Dennis Siver d. Kenneth Rosfort via Cut Stoppage

-Christian Dellevag d. Guilon Emmanuel via TKO

-Mattias Awad d. Mario Stapel via Decision

-David Baron d. Stale nyang via Decision

-Daniel Weichel d. Joakim Engberg via Decision

-Thomas hytten d. Petr Cajnak via Triangle Choke

I'd really like to see Daniel Weichel get a shot in a North American show. I've heard great things about him and sherdog has his record at 7-1-0. He fights at 155.

Daniel is an awesome fighter, a good kid and still very young. In the future Im sure he will only get better! TTT for my friend Daniel!

Poor Pierre.

Engberg losing was the big shock of the night. Props to Weichel...

Congrats Thomas.

Daniel fights at 170 not 155

He and Mohamed Khacha are the only 2 fighters to have beaten Abdul Mohamed, they should fight each other for the title of Europes no 1 Welterweight


it was an awesome event!! you guys missed out BIGTIME!!! for more info!!!