Eurropeans live

wow. great website.
Fallon wins -60kg.

at -66kg the Swede, Gabriel Bengsston returned to competition. I havent seen his name in a few years. he's a damn bulldog.

-73kg was stacked and had looked like some of the more accomplished guys knocked one another out and let a few other guys sneak their way up a few more rounds.

wow, 66kg couldn't have finished anymore randomly IMO. For the exception of Darbelet in the finals it looks like it was just one of those days where anyone could have been beaten....Oh yeah this is judo, at this level I think it would be a different result on a any given day.

yea, justin i agree... darblet is pretty much the only name who has been at that level before.

im not shocked that Georgia has yet another guy taking medals, but i am shocked that Penas, Betkas, and Magomed went out so early and Ungavri did not compete at all.