Anyone here mess with it yet? What are the prices like? Is the connectin good?

Had it on the phones here in korea for a few years now.

any experience using its connection for a laptop? Just wondering how good the connection is and how fast it is?

Nope not yet sorry but i imagine it would be faster than what's currently available.

i believe evdo has a max of 2m down however that's the theoretical best. i can hook up a laptop to check it out something next week as i'm away from my lab. i would believe that you'd get around 200-300kps in reality.

ok so i just checked. they claim 4mbs down but i can get between 200-400kps. who's providing it over there?

we're starting to use it at work for mobile systems. pain in the ass to set up as verizon etc are sucking at providing fixed ips with unblocked ports. speed seems decent though and i think the prices are resonable (~$100 a month but i'm the techie so not sure)