Evan Tanner - Fighter Profile

Check it out... Evan Tanner - Fighter Profile


Very interesting. I'm a big Tanner fan and yet a lot of this was a surprise to me.

that is a great fighter profile.

Very good profile, but it keeps saying "lose" when when should say "loss."

paints an overly rosy picture of his skills. his striking is sub-par at best. the rest of it is great.


Wow, I didn't know a lot of that and I'm a big Tanner fan. The string of names he has taken puts into perspective just how dangerous, and often underrated, Tanner is.

If I had to criticise the profile, I'd note that it probably credits him with better standup striking than he has shown recently - most of his effective striking is from the clinch, where he is deadly, but at a range he's not shown much recently.

Also, I feel it would be worth emphasising just how dangerous his ground and pound is. Evan seems to be famous for 2 things in the circles I hang out in - excellent and aggressive clinch work, and some of the most damaging ground and pound in the business. I don't know another fighter who uses elbow/forearm strikes as well as Tanner does.

ttt for Evan "Knees and Elbows" Tanner

Good stuff.

Would be interesting to hear a little more about his loss to Djik - I remember that time period and his break from fighting, and the way he sort of got himself back into fighting. Thought it was very interesting...

Donnie Darko,Thanks for pointing out the inproper use of the word lose within the 'Fighter Profile' (I hope Joe doesn't see this:).Robin Patterson,Thanks for pointing out the error regarding the sentence which states that Tito was his first loss (I used loss correctly this time:).After reviewing the 'Fighter Profile' I can't believe I actually missed that.I will modify the errors noted above this evening and I will also rephrase the emphasis regarding his stand-up striking abilities so he doesn't come off as an 'American' Igor Vovchanchyn.Thanks for the feedback guys.P.S. I didn't have footage of the match between Dijk and Tanner, so I wasn't able to elaborate regarding the loss. If anyone has a clip of the match, please e-mail me at jcryan@mmareview.com