Evan Tanner -- Greatest MMA Fighter from Texas???

Evan Tanner's story, Once I Was A Champion, premiers June 18th at the 2011 L.A. Film Festival...

It got me wondering, his Evan Tanner the greatest Texan MMA fighter of all time?

How say you?

If it's not Tanner, then who?
And where does Tanner rank among other Tejanos?

Tanner's UFC title definitely has him right around the top as far as greatest Texas MMA fighters thus far. Guy Mezger could have a claim to that too with all he's accomplished in UFC, Pride, Pancrase, etc.

Then there's Leonard Garcia, Paul Buentello, and many others. And the new crop including Daniel Pineda, Johnny Bedford, and the guys makiing their way up the ranks.

It's a good time to be a Texas MMA fan.


I'd go with Guy Metzger