Evan Tanner's Story Making Rounds As Matt Damon


Matt Damon Dead Rumors Cite TMZ as Source
September 09, 2009 by saul relative

A rumor that popular actor Matt Damon, star of the "Bourne" trilogy, was reportedly found dead took over the internet Wednesday. Some of the Matt Damon is dead rumors state that TMZ.com was reporting the death. Although that would be one way to give the rumor credence, citing the famous Matt Damon Dead Rumors Cite TMZ as Source Date: September 9, 2009 celebrity gossip website as a source, it fortunately was not true. Neither the rumor that Matt Damon was found dead or the attribution of reporting agency were true.

Academy Award-winning actor Matt Damon ("Good Will Hunting") is not dead, but, rather, is in Venice, Italy, attending the Venice Film Festival. In fact, he told reporters Monday, according to American Superstar Mag, that he had enjoyed putting on the 30 pounds to play the character Mark Whitacre in his upcoming movie, a dark comedy entitled "The Informant." In "The Informant," Whitacre is an agriculture company's vice president who becomes an FBI informant in a federal investigation on price fixing.

But by Wednesday, Matt Damon was dead. According to one incarnation of the rumor found on Bollywood 91, Matt Damon had written on his blog that he was going into the desert to search for gold and adventure. The rumor is fairly detailed in its construction, noting that Damon realizes that what he is doing is dangerous. But the hook for the average viewer is the TMZ.com attribution, which the rumor claims is the source of the death news. Stating that an Imperial County Sheriff's Department deputy found the actor dead after the Sheriff's Office had been alerted by a friend of Matt Damon's that he was in trouble, out of water, and need help.

Regardless of the details of Matt Damon being found dead in Imperial County, which is on the Mexican border, he was not. He was alive and well the entire time in Italy.

I heard Howard Stern talking about it this morning. He didn't realize that it was Evan's story though.

here's another link that actually mentions Tanner:


If you do a google search for Matt Damon, before you finishing typing his name in the bar "Matt Damon DEAD" shows up as a top choice.

How about not asking for a ban?

Matt Damon can play Evan Tanner if they ever make a movie.

mmafan342 - Dont be so quick to judge when your too lazy to investigate the authenticity of the story.

Yeah no shit moron (Heartbroken Lee), the guy has been a member for like 9 years I doubt he's going to start something like that. You've been here for less than 4 months and your calling for bans because you suck at the internet. Isn't there a Bisping thread you should be trolling in anyway?

That said, I bet that story came from someone here, and that's fucked up. What's up with all the fake rumors around here lately??