Evan was right.........

Evan and I had a conversation not long ago about the reaction to the things he wrote, to Team Tanner and to his adventures. One person who would be inspired, another would be angered, another would be critical, another would share a story, another would be offended. He was trying to share life lessons by sharing his experiences and so many people did not understand how simple that was. He would get frustrated from the negative emails. At times he would get overwhelmed even by the positive ones. The one thing that stayed true, he read every single one of them. During one of the times he was trying to understand an extremely negative email, he said I don't believe some people will appreciate what I am saying until after I am gone. From the emails I have been receiving, he was right.

I am going to ask a favor. So many people have emailed wanting tshirts and beanies and posters and things. In truth, as much as I believe in the heart of people it kind of angers me a bit. We worked very hard on Team Tanner and where were these people then? Well....it is what it is but I am asking for people to please respect the family and the people who cared very deeply about Evan and give it some time before you want to buy stuff. This decision to carry on with Evan's shirts and such is for his family and right now I know they are thinking of other things beyond selling tshirts online. If and when they make a decision about what they want to do, I will reply to all ofthe emails. I have kept everything, every email, every story, every address, every everything because Evan was so afraid someone, something was going to be missed along the way. He wanted to make sure that did not ever happen.

As for Team Tanner......it will live on....not just in the memories of Evan but the people who stepped up in the beginning and said "I Believe" I don't mean just the people who bought a shirt or a beanie or the things we gave in return for being a member......I am talking about the hundreds of people who wrote emails and told their stories of how Evan inspired them to believe in themselves. Evan's fight career, his tshirts and the material things he left behind will not be his legacy........the words he wrote, the people he inspired and the power of believing will be.

Again, please give his family time to breathe, to accept what has happened and grieve the loss of Evan. You can send the emails wanting to buy things but don't be offended if I don't reply. I don't know what is going to happen. I do understand wanting something to hold on to because I found myself looking back at emails and text msgs and such today myself but please be patient and understanding for what his family is going through.

Thank you

I still can't believe he's gone.



I hope his family decides to sell the shirts and the money goes to building that house he always wanted to build

All respect to you, K. I remember sending you an email before Evan's fight with Okami. You encouraged me to join the team and I said I would. I got really busy with work and the fight came and went. I got very wrapped up with day to day things. I had plenty of opportunity and took time for granted. I am very sad that I didn't take action while I had a chance. He truly did inspire me. I always figured that I would meet him sooner or later, so I could tell him in person how much he touched my heart. I miss him & will never forget him.

I think you should ask the family for clarity sooner better than later. The money will be useful to them. You shouldnt be angered at that people are asking for his apparel now, instead take every request as a reminder of how Evan has touched others or give it some other positive spin. I understand how you feel, its sad but that is the worldwe live in. Sometimes people do not realize what they have until it is gone.

Just my 2 cents.

take a rest evan, none of this shit matter now.


I can only imagine how hard it is, being at the center of something like this, with people trying to show support, which may just add to the overwhelming situation.

T-shirts can wait.




I wanna pick up a shirt I have but Il set on the money for it till the family has time to breathe. Its still like surreal. But he was right I did read his blogs somewhat reguarly but never really had them sink in and make me go wow.

K, much love and respect. Like ilovetortillas, I supported the Team Tanner idea from the start. I said it was a great idea to get the fans involved.

And much like ilovetortillas again, I got busy and never got around to buying one. I figured I met Dan and Kyria and even had a chance to meet Jake, so I knew that I would meet Evan at some point.

Out of respect for Kyria, and Evan's family, I will wait until a decision is made. Then I won't screw up again.