Evander Holyfield fights 2morrow..

Tomorrow night in boxing, Holyfield is taking on Larry Donald. I'll go with Holyfield by KO. Your pick?

Sad,Hollyfield should not be allowed to fight anymore,he's been in too many wars as it is. Same with Bowe.

I will never forget when Riddick Bowe punched Larry Donald square in the face twice at a press conference...He took the shots well, but looked scared in the ring for the entire fight.

I'll be there! I got to talk with Ruiz's camp yesterday. Really nice guys. I
heading out to do a slew of interviews today with people from the
fights in the next couple of hours.

holyfield should retire but I can see wanting to come out as champ

sad situation. with that said I think he will win. He has switched back trainers and may get his good habits back. it is a card with 3 title fights and holyfield but i cannot get it. it just doesn't seem worth it as many of these guys are burnt out or a very potential bore.

my picks- golata, mcline, rahman, holyfield

HE IS DONE ... and he needs to quit before he is "punch drunk"

"he needs to quit before he is "punch drunk""

Ever listen to any Holyfield interviews? I think he's been punch drunk for a while.

Real deal isnt going to KO anybody. Holyman by Dec

Holyfield by punch-drunk KO round 4 2:34

Let me say that I am a huge Holyfield fan. He is one of my favorite fighters ever. He's got so much heart, pride, and determination that I dont see how anyone cant respect what he's achieved.

That said... Donald is a bad style matchup for Evander, especially a shot Evander Holyfield. I would've rather seen him rematched with Rahman than against Donald. Rahman would come at Evander, and this would allow Holy to look good (like in their first fight) and to be competitive. Evander could counter and save his legs in a bout like this.

A counterpunching "cutie" like Donald is exactly the wrong type of fighter to match Evander with. The last few counterpunchers he's faced have all made him look bad (Chris Bryd and James Toney).

If Donald doesn't come in in awe of Evander, this is a very winnable (and unfortunately probably a very dull) fight for him. However, Donald has choked in big fights before, so this is a big "if".

Win or lose though, Donald's style almost guarantees to make Evander look really bad in this bout. I wish he'd retire and enjoy all those millions he's saved up over the years.

Evander is probably the most miserly Heavyweight Champion since Rocky Marciano. I think the only thing he's ever really splurged on was his mansion. To show you how cheap he can be... When he married that Doctor, the wedding was pretty small. Mostly long time friends and family. Then, the only people invited to the the wedding reception dinner were the immediate family members. Her parents and siblings, and his siblings and his children.

So where do you think that the (then) reigning Champ would take his family to eat? A millionaire, many times over? He took them to Shoney's lol!

A boxing writer asked him "Evander, you could afford the best caterers in the world... why Shoney's???" Evander told him "I like Shoney's. It's good food and it's cheap."

Poor Holyfield should've given it up a couple of
years ago - Donald is gonna take him out imo. Donald
is not to be taken lightly.

Chadk has just written exactly the same thing I have coming up on Maxboxing.com, a head to head picking Donald to win.

A while back, after i wrote a column suggesting Evander retire (along with 1,492 other online know-it-alls), his manager Jim Thomas sent me an email explaining that Evander basically couldn't be made to stop fighting even though EVERYONE was against him continuing.

"I could walk away and be a hero, but that's the easy way out. Instead I tried to guide him the best i could and avoid punchers and people who could really hurt him," he said.

Thomas' line of logic makes sense when you consider that other, less-scrupulous types might match him versus a Klitschko or a David Tua, someone who could really damage him, although every boxing match at this point seems dangerous.

That's why they have Donald. I think, honestly, the strategy is to risk Holy versus people who can't really hurt him but maybe outpoint him (like Byrd) to keep some of his faculties intact while inducing him to retire. I just hope he doesn't WIN and then get a shot vs. Lamon Brewster.

Donald really does have the right style to expose Holy's age and make a terribly boring fight.