Evans: I have to be cocky

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                                Evans: I have to be cocky

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                    <p>When Rashad Evans was at his best,&nbsp; he won seven consecutive fights including winning the UFC&nbsp;light heavyweight title. At one point Evans and his swagger looked unstoppable and now coming off consecutive loses is looking to get back to that person that won the title:</p>

"When I go out there and compete, I have to be cocky," Evans said. "That's how I compete. I have to have my swag out there and be like that because that's a part of me. It's a part you'd never see of me in regular life because I joke around and smile, and you don't see that side.

"But when I compete, I want the person I'm fighting to know that he shouldn't have even signed the contract to fight me. He should be embarrassed, and I want to embarrass him for doing so."

As Evans knows, that kind of attitude brings out haters. Then again, so can an overabundance of caution.

"No one wrote a book on what you should and shouldn't do," Evans said. "I'm just making it up as I go along. But at the same time, I have to be honest with myself.

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Is it possible to use the term "Swag" and not come off as a dbag? I say no.

Lol at swag. But good luck to him this weekend. I hope he wins. Phone Post

I am pretty sure Hendo eats swagger for lunch

Good for Rashad, I hope he does get his spark/swag/fire/desire back.

beasly213 - Is it possible to use the term "Swag" and not come off as a dbag? I say no.


Agree on swag.

I always thought rashad would be unstoppable if he would be relentless, but he is way to reserved and most of his fights were boring because of it. I want to see the rashad that destroyed Tito, every fight. Phone Post 3.0

'shad gets his swag back?

Rashad has alot to offer. Phone Post 3.0

What? No Werdum gif? Phone Post 3.0

Happy to see he'll be having fun in his fights again and going back to the way he used to fight.

Rashad: I need to have so much cock



get it right UG Blog, you dumbfucks and VTFD with your fake ass vote ups

Il Duce - What? No Werdum gif? Phone Post 3.0

185 would be more suitable.

I fucking hate the word swagger, but Hashad was using the word before it became cool, and when it comes out of his mouth, it becomes sexy instead of annoying. Phone Post 3.0