Evans: I'm going to get the belt anyway

Evans: I'm going to get the belt anyway

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More pointedly, Evans said the UFC didn't want him to be champ

Yet today, he clarified that stance. Despite the appearance of bias given by news of the UFC's "sponsorship" of Jones, he said he was just getting motivated for Saturday

"I'm a paranoid thinker, you know? In my mind, I'm thinking, like, everybody's always against me," he told MMAjunkie.com. "So that helps me motivate (myself). Does the UFC want me to have the belt? I don't know. It doesn't really matter – I'm going to get the belt anyway

"The fact that they put me in this position, they have to have some kind of faith in me to know there's a possibility I could win. If they didn't want me to have the belt at all, I guess I would never be in this position in the first place. To answer the question, I don't know, and I really don't care."

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You go gurl Phone Post

Manny Yarbrough GOAT - Uncle Fester would rather have Jones keep the title, that's a fact.

Just like Uncle Fester would have liked for Cain to have beaten JDS, did you see him on the post-fight discussion on FOX? It was hilarious seeing him visibly upset and giving Cain pointers on how he should have fought.
Yeah, just like MLB wants the Yankees or Red Sox to win every year, or the NFL wants the Steelers, Packers, Giants, etc., because it's good for business.

Dana is running a business, so I would assume in every single case, he wants what's best for business.

War Evans! That is all.



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To be a psychology major Rashad seems to have a lot of insecurities based on how he thinks he is perceived...

 Oh just fight already!!....