Evasive Head Motions

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Just a quick post to cover the most basic head motions.

SLIP: You place your head over one of your knees by bending that knee. Causes your body to "lean" that direction and you therefore "slip" the punch.

SIT: Bend your knees and drop straight down. Gets your head underneath a punch or kick.

LEAN: Lean backwards away from a strike. I personally only recommend doing this to avoid a kick. If you lean backwards during an "onslaught" by your opponent, then you will be unable to defend or counterattack effectively.

BOB N' WEAVE: Sit and step to the side at the same time. Not only gets you out of harms way, but puts you at a superior angle offensively and defensively.

A few tips regarding Head Motion in Muay Thai:

1. Always use your LEGS to perform the head motion, not the hips or waist. Keep your body upright and your eyes forward. You have to be able to see what is happening and if you bow over, you will become a victim of a knee, rising kick, any variety of hand techniques.

2. In my opinion, SLIPPING in Muay Thai is the most important head motion to learn, followed by LEANING away from high roundhouse kicks. SITTING and BOB N' WEAVE head motions are inherantly (sp?) risky due to knees and kicks.

3. Always remember, each gym is different. The names for these techniques are not always the same, and are taught and used differently depending on where you are. I may not like certain head motions for Muay Thai, but another gym may be able to teach and use them effectively in their fight game.

4. Have fun!

Khun Kao Charuad; SuriyaSak/SitSuriya Muay Thai

How do you teach or work with the slip in MT> Is it similar to the western boxing style of slipping


It is exactly the same as a western boxing slip

Khun Kao