Even Dems are calling out 60 Minutes

60 Minutes ran a hit piece on the FL governor so obviously biased that even elected Dems are calling them out for their terrible “reporting”. Perhaps some more lawsuits will convince these news organizations to be more truthful.


I remember when journalists at least tried to pretend that they weren’t biased when writing stories. It’s almost sad how low that profession has sunk. It’s not that they don’t bother to hide their bias anymore but the fact that they are actively trying to force the narrative to what they want and not even attempting to cover what they’re doing. It’s disgusting really.


We don’t even have news anymore. It’s all just opinions.


You know it’s bad when Asian Andy Ngo is run out of the country due to assaults and death threats and no one on the left supports him.

Mainstream media is already (and very obviously) attempting takedowns of Kamala’s potential competitors in 2024. Three governors in the news: Cuomo, Newsom, and now DeSantis. It is so fucking transparent.

Yeah it is pretty sad that most of our mainstream “journalists” are active political crusaders for the left.


It’s funny because the unedited clip has been floating out there for a week. Then 60 Minutes completely edits his response and cuts out the fact that CVS and Walgreens were the first in FL, not Publix. So painfully obvious what their agenda is.


I liked it when Trump aired the unedited version of their interview just prior to the official air date.

Shows just how scummy and agenda driven CBS is…


The sad part is, some people just believe them.Ron D bad because the TV told me.

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What liberal bias in the media?!?!

We all know who’s doing it!