Even though I Hate Trump

I can't believe how they are tearing apart his speech. CNN and some other reports have done fact checking on what he said and on 90% of the points they check they conclude it's True but misleading. Which politician isn't like that? It's either true or false let's stop picking apart everything and trying to find problems with it.

Clown news network

very honest of you

i like how "Fact checking" is this new buzzword...aka harp on semantics when you can;'t prove it false


on NPR they ahd a panel of journalists discussing Trump's relationship with the media

one journalist ruslted the jimmies of the other journalists at the table when he said that (paraphrased)

"Journalists are doing themselves no favors by constantly focusing on proving Trump wrong/lied/not 100% literal truth, instead of focusing on his underlying message"