Event in the Tent: Bif Naked

She's wicked hot! Even my wife thinks so!

Bif ROCKS!!!

Bif Naked is SUPER HOT. Most people thing she's too skinny, too raunchy, too many tatoo's, ugly, etc.

I say good, leave her to me then. There's something about her man...she just does something for me.

You should have titled the thread

Pants Tent : Bif Naked.

That having been said, I would NOT touch that.
I hate tattoos on a woman.

Joe has rock and rolled the correct.

She's dirty hot.

She IS dirty hot. I'd be scared to do her though. Not because she would have skills; it's more or less because I'd be sooo upset if she didn't have skills and wasn't a dirty girl. Imagine getting with Bif to find out she's one of those turn-out-the-lights-first and let's-only-go-missionary chicks. NOOOOOOOOO!

DARB just killed everything I had for Bif. That would be so sad.


sorry - my bad

i love the bif naked. can't wait till shes back in london. she almost made it worthwhile to see vital idol since she was opening up for him. but not quite

nothin beats a chick that could handle a good shot in the back of the head while makin sweet love...that is what life is all about boys..


LOL... This shit cracks me up.

BigRed,I was thinking you put them up to it, ha ha!

BigRed - why don't you put some light on the subject - is she "turn-out-the-lights-first and let's-only-go-missionary chicks" or DIRTY.....

big red it is a sure fire way to lose her if she know's your going to talk about her on here. don;t be a fool.

LOL - is big red hooked up with Bif?