Event videos for sale

The AFA has 2 new videos for sale. These are professionally taped and edited and come with a plastic case and graphics.

American Fighting Association "Battle for the Belts"

Features 13 ultimate fights and some of the top names in the sport: John Strawn, Scott Ventimiglia, Clayton Miller, Brian Dunn and Travis Fulton.

1. John Hoppes vs Matt Wiese
2. John Strawn vs Todd Murphy

3. Nick Leohr vs Brad Jones

4. Don Shea vs Shawn Nolan

5. Dayton Ericson vs Scott Ventimiglia

6. Clayton Miller vs Matt Albright

7. Karima Bennett vs Davey Conger

8. Jason Miller vs Kevin Oliver

9. Brian Dunn vs Dave Goddard

10. Travis Fulton vs Lewis Burns

11. Gabe Jotz vs Brian Robinson

12. Clayton Miller vs Davey Conger

13. Travis Fulton vs Brian Dunn

This event also features one of the greatest knock outs ever witnessed. Also watch as fighters duel for the AFA lightweight, middleweight, light heavyweight, and heavyweight title belts.

$25.00 Plus $4.95 Shipping.

American Fighting Association "2nd Coming"

Features 8 ultimate fights. Fighters include: Joe Jordan, Mark Long, and Travis Fulton.

1. Kirk Nielsen vs Jason Thorson
2. Joe Alvarez vs Brian Robinson

3. Jim Stepleton vs Mark Long

4. Russ Verby vs Manuel Quiroz

5. Joe Jordan vs Jeremy Richardson

6. Rudy Bork vs Manuel Quiroz

7. Matt Bauler vs Rory Prazak

8. Travis Fulton vs Jason Purcell

$20.00 Plus $4.95 Shipping.

We also have a line of camcordered events for sale. These are not professionally taped. If you are interested in a particular fighter or event just let us know. We have recorded all of our Wednesday Night Fighting events, Ada Absolute events, Alexandria Absolute events, and Sabin Showdown. We do not record our grappling and boxing matches. Ultimate fighting only.

IFA: The Return (May 3, 2003) Ft. Dodge, IA with Travis Fulton, Demian Decorah, Caleb Langford. Features 9 fights

IFA: Clash of the Champions (May 24, 2003) Owatonna, MN with Travis Wiuff, Chad Rafdal, Kelly Kobald, Sam Morgan, Caleb Langford, Eric Aasen. Features 11 fights

IFA: Explosion (July 5, 2003) Owatonna, MN with Travis Wiuff, Sam Morgan, Caleb Langford. Features 8 fights

IFA: Summer Bash (August 30, 2003) Owatonna, MN with Travis Wiuff, Caleb Langford, Jin Menajevis. Features 8 fights

Iowa Extreme Fighting (October 4, 2003) Mason City, IA Features 7 fights
Iowa Extreme Fighting (November 22, 2003) Ft. Dodge, IA Features 6 fights.

Each event is $13.00 plus $4.95 shipping

For our mailing address or for more information email us at afafightingorganization@yahoo.com

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Is there any discount on shipping if you order more than one video?

I will ask Travis about that

Miller don't know a damn thing about tapes! LOL. just kiddin'. the guys a walking MMA library

what about a trade. I bet i have a few you don't have. LOL

Jason drop me an email

Miller, I've been looking for something with Travis Wuiff on it for awhile. How many different events do you have with him in it? Also, anything you have with Wade Shipp from the LD would be helpful

Which Wiuff event are you looking for?I have quite a bit of them

the only one I have is his UFC appearance. So any of them, but especially the Superbrawl with him vs Cabbage

Jason,shoot me an email