Events for July/August

wondering if anyone knows any events for July/August..

i know of KOTC - halifax.


double post..

August 11 - XFO in Illinois

There is a possibility of two western KOTC shows during those 2 months.

You looking to get back in the cage Basso? I'm pretty sure there's a KOTC first week in August. Give Ken a call.

still looking for a July event thanks

Hey Basso. Did you give Ken a call? It sounds like they've got a ton of events coming up.

Canario, did you figure out any details for xfo in august? I know it's a ways away but i'm trying to budget for the trip plus my baby on the way lol so any news you get lemme know man!


Dude, I don't even have the details for June 30th yet.

Yeah lots of Western KOTC coming up.

Is there going to be any MMA events in Calgary in July or August?