Ever been a major Battle Royal botch?

Like where the guy who was supposed to win was accidentally eliminated ?

According to JR, Bautista was supposed to win the Royal Rumble outright by throwing Cena out, but they both accidentally went over the top rope hitting the floor at the same time.

Thats what led to McMahon coming out (and tearing both quads) to sort it out, restart the match and then have Bautista throw Cena out to officially win.


Cena Batista which led to mcmahon tearing both quads

Austin 96 got eliminated way earlier than he was supposed to. I think he was supposed to be in the final four. He has talked about it a few times.


Didn’t Alex Riley fuck up a Rumble spot? Wasn’t here supposed to eliminate Cena?

Lol, forgot about McMahon tearing his quads just jumping into the ring.

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I think Mil Mascaras’ deliberate self-elimination wasn’t a botch, per say, but he obviously fucked up whatever his planned in-match participation should have been, and planned elimination.


All those times guys save themselves grabbing a rope made me wonder after AEW. When you are doing Silly String spots multiple times in a match I assume you are sacrificial if someone fucks it up.

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Didn’t Macho Man jump over the ropes to attack someone outside the ring? I think they said he’s still in the match because it wasn’t someone else throwing him out

Going after Jake I believe due to his hot headedness. Gorilla completely improvised an explanation that was perfect.


Supposedly time was set to expire on the Wrestlrmania 2000 clock during the Hardcore Battle Royal, leaving Crash as the champion but Bob Holly pinned him with milliseconds left on the clock and Crash won it back the next night on RAW.