Ever been hurt @ work? How long did you miss?

I'm an electrician. I drove a screw into a cable that was fed from a 600 volt 200amp breaker a few years ago.

Pretty huge explosion. My screw driver looked like a melted candle.

I burned my belly and chest pretty bad. It looked like I got shot with a shotgun.

I missed an hour and a half to go see a doctor. He wrapped it up and I went back and repaired the cable I'd just exploded.

Boy I'm glad I didn't die when I look back on that one. Could've turned out way worse.

I've never had to miss days or weeks due to work injury....knock on wood. Phone Post 3.0

sprained ankle, missed 1 day

Two weeks after fucking up my back

Missed work for a week waiting for blood test results after I got pricked by a customers needle while clearing their table. My manager wouldn't let me back until results came in, as a result I missed out on a few hundred bucks. I was pissed Phone Post 3.0

Cut out from 22 feet on my hooks on a telephone pole. Landed on my feet. Out for 2 weeks after surgery to remove all the wood from my arm. Out for 3 months 2 years later for the back surgery I ended up needing. Phone Post 3.0

Worked in a Deli and I took a good chunk of the tip of my finger on the slicer. I was on workers comp for 2 weeks. Honest to god; one of the most painful injuries I have ever had. So many fucking nerve endings and I had to wait for the skin to grow back. It was at least a year before I could touch that part of my finger and not jump out of my fucking chair.

I just cut my finger. Phone Post 3.0

I've been lucky. In an aircraft electrician and I haven't had any major injuries or time. But people are eating shit everywhere around me all the time. Phone Post 3.0

Rolled a cement truck 9 years ago at 22

Retired. Phone Post 3.0

ShowtimeWreckedMyLeever - Rolled a cement truck 9 years ago at 22

Retired. Phone Post 3.0
How'd you manage to roll it? Phone Post 3.0

You won't trick me into jinxing myself. Phone Post 3.0

Got bitten in the leg by a police dog needed 7 stitches to close... Took 1 day off. Phone Post 3.0

Twice, cracked a bone in my ankle and got bit by some crazed out guy high on crack. Didn't have to miss anydays for either.

I've injured myself on the job a couple of times but we have a modified work program so I've never had to take time off because of it, thankfully. Phone Post 3.0

Missed a day with a metal piece in my eye that had to get burr motored out. Could've gone back but didn't. Phone Post 3.0

Working on a paving crew and tore my mcl acl and meniscus damage. With surgery and rehab was out over a year Phone Post 3.0

Fell off a roof in 04. Havent worked since. Phone Post 3.0

Returning to work Monday after 4weeks off decided to prolapse a disc and caused nerve damage. It's more the pain killers and their side effects that have kept me off. Other kicker is in self employed so lost income sucks big time. Now working with my health insurance. Phone Post 3.0

Smashed my right index finger between a 2"x12"x18" steel plate and a milling machine table. It split open like a grape. Doc gave my 2 weeks off. My work didn't want to make a work comp claim so they paid me to stay home. Phone Post 3.0

Broke my ankle playing basketball (not at work). Was out 2 days and was back on the 3rd day with a walking cast. Phone Post 3.0