Ever been in the bathroom...

...not to poop or pee, perhaps brushing, flossing, maybe looking for a nail clipper, you feel a slight itch in your ass, you grab the towel that's hanging there, and without removing it from the rack, you wipe your ass, look at the part of the towel you used for any brown, and then sniff it if there isn't, then leave the towel right where it is, brown or no brown, and walk out of the bathroom?


How now brown towel


No. Never. I am not a dirtbag.

I do that with your moms panties. 

I would never sniff it, I'm a gentleman.

You're a thousand posts shy of the devil

I imagine that a few motel six housekeepers may have done this after I left them.

I used a urnial in a packed mens room at a lesbian bar in Vegas. 

I was the only guy! 

Absolutely not.

OP must laugh when he hears some little kid got Hep A

Uh....... no.

...and this is exactly why we can't have nice things

clattymine -

I do that with your moms panties.