Ever broke your toe?

This guy did! Thats how we do in the 808


Blue namer help please


Thanks! Yeah pretty awesome in the holy crap kind of way


 i broke my toe last year, but not NEARLY this bad.

Broke toes at least 12 times

Broken toes but never looking as though it was almost ripped off. I broke mine playing rugby I hit someone with my toes planted and the cleats stayed in the ground and felt like both my feet bend in half. Broke both big toes. Not very manly compared to this vid Phone Post

Never had the skin broken and the bone pop out.

Great video footage.

They take forever to heal

I've never seen the bone pop out like that. But yeah I've broken my toes before.


I think I have a broken toe right now. It's happened so often I don't even get concerned - I'm just waiting for the arthritis to kick in.

 I broke one going up some stairs...I wish that I was joking.

I think I've seen that before or one like it.
Wtf is that a compound of the toe! lol!
Fuck thats bad.
Tough dude!

I have bust mine and dislocated fingers thumbs and of corse toes!

But no broken skin like that shit.

I've broken a toe before, but not nearly that bad.

Sad thing is they never really heal properly again.

OH SNAP! Pardon the pun... Damn I have busted some toes before but NOTHING like that! That is fuckin crazy.

Holy shit, never seen a compund brake of a toe before, poor guy.

 i prefer to tap

 That guy is my hero.

Retarded he is going to be out for a long time. Phone Post