Ever brought a product to market?

Has anyone here ever brought a product to market?

Not necessarily an e-book or something in that vein... but an actual invented product?

Also, has anyone ever read:

How to Bring a Product to Market for Less Than $5000 by Don Debelak

Or any other books on bringing an invention to market?

Many times. It is a key function of my job.

Understand, however, that it is within the confines of an established corporate structure. Its a bit different than bringing a product from idea to end-user from scratch.

You may be best served by patenting your idea and selling the idea to a company to handle the development and launch. You don't have the resources to take it to market, IMO.


True Story: About one year ago I seeked out a patent lawyer for an idea I had. I'm not afraid to shre it with you because it is already taken. It was to have a digital kiosk at dvd rental stores so the consumer can download digital versions of the movies to either flash drives or a burned dvd. With the burned dvd we'd have to figure out how cost effective it would be. There are programs to avoid piracy by deleting the file or making the dvd unusable after one or two views. You can also make it unrecordable to your computer. After a two hour meeting with the patent lawyer and him telling me we were going to take this to the bank his words literally (he was kindof a dousche) we do some research and a very similar idea was laready patended just 1 year earlier. Last week I went to a blockbuster in PA for a management job interview and the current manager let me in on a secret. With the acquisition of circuit city all but a done deal Blockbuster is completely revamping circuit cities. And wouldnt you guess that my idea is one of the key changes to be made at the Circuit Cities to bring in more revenue through rentals. The people who had my idea patented a year earlier are sleeping on Benjamins tonight and I am making ten dollars an hour. Dammit.