Ever buy fruit and veg from roadside vendors?

Nothing like fresh Bail Pepr:

Lmfao Phone Post 3.0


Jesus Christ Phone Post 3.0

Not from that guy but plenty of times from vendors on the eastern shore of Maryland. Phone Post 3.0

David@accu - 


potatoes + tomatoes?

I bet this guy does allot of bidness

I'd like to buy some Brock Lee Phone Post 3.0

Gotta be a dumb ass redneck. Mexicans know how to spell jalapeƱo. Phone Post 3.0

Hello, old friend. Where da 13 at?

only care its

A guy down the road from me sells "Punkins" in the fall. Phone Post 3.0

All the time . I live in Ventura and I believe Oxnard has the most vendors per square mile ! So good Phone Post 3.0

i'll pass.. no fuk choi

Ain't nuttin like a good zookeene. Mmmhmmmmm!!!!! Phone Post 3.0

No Skwarsh?