Ever dislocated your patella?

I have dislocated my patella while training jiu jitsu three times (on the same leg) over the past three years. Has anyone had this happen multiple times, and were you able to get it to stop? If so, how?

back when i played football in college i had a displaced kneecap where my kneecap was actually out of its natural groove and the side of my kneebone was tearing up all the cartilage under it

i had to have surgery and its still pretty fucked up

you should go to a doctor and have him look at it since there might be something wrong with you as a multiple dislocator, but if you want to avoid surgery i suggest investing in a really good kneebrace, that might help a lot.

Yeah, I've been to two doctors, an orthopedic surgeon, and three physical therapists... None of them have been able to help me stop it from dislocating. At least they've been able to tell me that there isn't any real permanent damage to the knee, just an increased chance of arthritis.

I'm just hoping someone sees this who's had the same problems as me and has been able to find a brace or strengthening exercises that have worked.


Run, mountain bike, at least 5 - 10 miles a week stretch and lift heavy with your legs at least once a week. Find a good brace and you should be ok.

strenghthen the quads

"strenghten the quads"

unless you know the mechanism behind which your knee is dislocating, this may not be a good idea. For instance, I have a problem where my patella chronically dislocates...since 9 years ago, it happens at least once a year and sometimes when it gets bad it pops out about once a month. Part of the reason is because I tore my vastus lateralis and so one side of my quad is stronger than the other, and tends to literally pull it out. If I were to do regular quad strenghtening exercises (i.e. squats, etc), they would increase the strength of my stronger side even more, and cause it to pop out even more. I have to concentrate on doing exercises that focus on strengthening one particular side of my quad.

HORRIBLE injury. First of all you have to stop doing whatever it is that is causing it to happen. At least for several months. You need a good physical therapist who works with athletes. Strengthening is the key. Bodyweight squats, lunges, balancing on one leg etc. Dislocation injuries suck because theres not that much you can do whereas with a tear you can have it repaired. The only thing remotely good about them is that if it happens a bunch of times and then happens in a match you are more likely to be able to deal with it and keep going then if it was the first time. The issue with braces is king of mixed. Some swear by them but I've heard that using a brace prevents it from getting stronger and you will always need the brace from then on. Plus you really can't train comfortably in the type of brace you would need to completely ensure it not happening. Good luck man.

1 good reason not to train so hard

good point RTW--guess I had a good idea but didn't know the specifics


My wife dislocated her's twice doing jiu-jitsu.
She went to rehab the second time. It's pretty
solid now. She wears a vollyball pad over her regular
knee sleeve. The combination has stopped it from happening again.