Ever Fap at Work

I'm at work and would really like a fap right now. Can't though, cuz I'm a tradesman and it would look weird if I just started to fap beside the ladder.

Got me thinking, though. I bet there's lots of people who fap at work. Are you one of them? Phone Post 3.0

Spin for the nap at work thread... but, to be honest I have.

If your workplace has bathroom, go for it. Done it bunch of times.

All the time.......All the time. Phone Post 3.0

Just did it...

I've destroyed my dick at every job I've ever had Phone Post 3.0

Yes...but then I always wanna have a nap, but I can't cuz I'm a tradesman and it would be weird if I just laid down beside my ladder...plus I just fapped and the jizz on the floor beside my ladder. Phone Post 3.0

8/10 not bad Phone Post 3.0

4ozToFreedom - 8/10 not bad Phone Post 3.0

I'll gladly take that.

I used to deliver pizza and I fapped in my car in the parking lot of some apartment buildings. I had just delivered pizza to this girl that was super hot and it's all i could think about.

Just fap in job site porta pottie op ..,
Careful though .. Gets hot in there quickly ! Phone Post 3.0

Fapped in a bobcat waiting for a dump truck to show up so I could load it... Worked the next three hours with sticky pants Phone Post 3.0

I've actually seen threads about this that weren't spins. This one made me chuckle vu Phone Post 3.0

A few times throughout my career. Phone Post 3.0

Yepppp Phone Post 3.0

I worked overnight for 4 years. At least once a night. Phone Post 3.0

I don't know if I've ever not fapped at work Phone Post 3.0