Ever feel like Michael Douglas in Falling Down...

...right before he snapped? Let me paint a picture for you.

So, I decide to enjoy my cheat meal (day) at Jack in the Box. Fuck you, don't judge me. While pulling in there is a van in front of me that parks in a space right next to the entrance of the drive-thru.
It being particularly busy, I end up only about half my vehicle's length into the drive-thru. Another car immediately pulls behind me in such a way that they are blocking the van that just parked.

The family in the van gets about halfway to the restaurant doors when they turn around and get back in their vehicle. At this time they motion to both me and the car behind them to pull out and make way for them to exit. I make it clear that the only direction I will be going is forward and within 10 or so seconds I am moving. The car behind me politely complies and leaves room for the van to back out and exit. The van proceeds to back out and promptly cuts in front of the car taking its place in the drive-thru.

Where the fuck is this acceptable?! OG, please indulge me by detailing what you would do to these assholes if this happened to you.

For your trouble. As always, thank you. You are cheaper than a therapist and 100 times more entertaining.
Phone Post 3.0

I know exactly how you should have handled that situation...
























Were they still serving breakfast? Phone Post 3.0

rbl - Were they still serving breakfast? Phone Post 3.0
God willing. I got my grub and put as much distance between me and that place as possible. Phone Post 3.0

OP is not economically viable imo.

Eggbert - I think you may need to find a hobby or something else to enjoy in life so that trivial, meaningless shit like this doesn't bother you. Was it rude and ignorant? Yes. Worthy of making you snap? Nope Phone Post 3.0
I didn't snap. That's why I'm on the OG whining about it and not in county explaining my actions to a public defender...or nursing my wounds after getting my ass whooped. The readers of this thread are just collateral damage of the aforementioned douchebaggery. Phone Post 3.0

TzTinkle - OP is not economically viable imo.
Lol Phone Post 3.0

every day.


lol i think i need to watch this movie again.


and rampage.