Ever get good info from UG?

Seriously, except for some commentary on the fight game from those in the know, the place is awash in ignorance. If I see another comment about a SYSTEM this or a system that and not the PERSON this or the person that, I'll puke.

Oh, yeah, ElGuapo that was funny! The funniest part about it was that I was trolling just to see if it would go multiple pages. The best part was that some guy named El Guapo totally took me seriously even though I tried to tell him I was trolling. He want apopleptic and put me on ignore.

I remember someone asking about an ankle injury (which I also had) on here last year & Momita recommended the R.I.C.E. treatment. It worked, plus she said to go to the doc, which I did. I have seen other people asking for help looking for info, and she has been there.

I miss her dammit. :(

Hope I saved you from puking Ogami Itto, I answered about a person, not a system.

theres lots of ignorance and lots of good info too

I don't know evilsorta, seen her post only on the Total Combat thread, nothing else. I've been wondering if something happened I don't know about?

But god dammit it's not the same without her, she made my day and created a good atmoshere at the same time.

I've gotten fights through this web site. I've meet awesome people through this website and I think my system beats your system ;)

Lol, thanks KidJ and boogy. I came to the UG because of martial arts, quickly ended up hanging around the OG instead. I suppose it's the same anywhere on the internet, you have to wade through a lot of crap to get to the cream.

El Guapo, you're just sore. I thought you had me on ignore, man? I tried to let you in on the joke.

This is a great place to find out about upcoming events that might not be advertised elsewhere. It's also good for up to the minute info, for example, for changes to a fightcard, etc.

I have gotten tons of useful information from the UG. I have had several good books on self defense recommended to me, found out about the Bubba Dummy, found out about Prolotherapy and had some thought provoking discussions. I also used it when I was developing my self defense system. The feedback I received helped me create STRIKEBACK.

Gary Hughes


" I was trolling just to see if it would go multiple pages." So you admint to being a troll... ttt for the rouge mod...