Ever get got with the chankla?

What’s some good instruments your parents hit you with??

Mexicunt here. Growing up I got hit with a chankla, (slippahs, flip flops) a waist belt, a timing belt from my grandpas Nissan, and a 2x4 piece of lumber. Funny thing is, I wasn’t that bad of a kid, just had an ignorant ass grandfather who thought fear was the best way to exhibit control of kids.


Wooden spoon, yard stick, tree branch/ switch, and a loaf of bread on two separate occasions. I deserved it every time.

My mum used to whack me with a belt. At a certain age I didn’t care, I told her to fuck off doesn’t hurt. So she snapped my Eminem cd instead.

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Man my mom was a savage. When I got old enough to not cry when she whipped me, she got a hockey stick and beat my ass and an extension cord but the worst was when The usual whipping didn’t effect me like she wanted she’d raise my shirt up and whip my lower back. In my mind I’m like “damn I’m bout to have to punch my mom in her fukn grill”. I never did. Obviously. She was sick tho and wasn’t right in her mind for a while after her mom and dad died and we lost my sister which fuct us all up. Once she figured out her medications and stuck with it, she was super mom. Like literally the best person on the earth and not just because she’s “my” mom. I mean the type of person that you could only aspire to be. She kept shit together and going. But when she didn’t have them and especially before she realized how bad she needed them, it was rough. I miss her everyday I’m alive. I’d give anything to have her beat my ass with a slipper one more time.


My step dad kicked my ass one time. I can’t remember what I did, I think I beat my brother, so he slapped me about and got me in mount, it was a dominance thing to show me I was a pussy.

I broke his ribs about a year later. Take that fucker

How you like that old man? You like it when your son fux you up? You like that don’t you, you fukn idiot.

It was an accident. Me and my cousin’s used to wrestle (WWf style) and he would sneak up and get us. This time I seen him and missile dropkick him the ribs. It landed waaay too hard and broke his rib. He was furious and started smashing the room, so I run off until he calmed down.

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