Ever get tapped by a newbie?

Ever come back after taking a break for whatever reason and find that you're rusty and you're out of shape. Then you get tapped out by a hardcore TUF noob or whatever you call them on mma.tv? Luckily, my BJJ is coming back very fast.

Maybe I should tell everyone I just started and they'll think that I improve at a super human rate.

TUF noobs don't train. With 18000 posts, where's the time?

Yes, I tapped to a newbie who was half my age, half my weight and half my size...and to a guillotine to boot! That is why I love BJJ!

I got gogoplata'd by a 3 year old girl. The moment I found myself in mission control, I knew it was good game.

Two nights ago my wife tried to pull me back onto the couch with her leg and almost hit the gogoplata.


I'm also learning how size does make a difference. I'm going against much bigger guys now who are noobs. Once they have a basic understanding of jiu-jitsu it's a lot harder to tap them. Kind of sucks, lol.

BenBJJ, what belt are you now?

what are doing tapping to a newbie perry, your a purple belt for gods sake!!!!

OF COURSE NOT! I've never tapped to anyone who started training after I did -- even if they started training the day after I signed up for classes.

Of course, I've never tapped anyone who's been training even a day longer than me, either...

'BenBJJ, what belt are you now?'

After that incident, he went back to blue! :)

A few years ago I was teaching class and that day taught a sleeve choke to skirt loop choke from the top of mount (pretty slick move if I do say so myself).

It was the first week for one of the guys, so I was just playing with him...I let him pass guard, let him mount me, and I'm going real smooth on him (He was about my size but just finished a tour in the army and was in great shape).

He goes for the sleeve choke, I block it, still chillin'. He then flips his gi skirt around my neck (the stinking move of the day I just showed) and it caught me off completely off guard. I just didn't think he had it in him yet.

I try to get my fingers in, then try to upa. Next thing I know, I'm waking up, trying to figure out what so many people are doing in my bedroom. Then I realize I'm not in my bedroom, I'm on the mat, and I realize out what happened.

His eyes were so big and he looked at me scared. "Don't kill me!" he yelled. I laughed sheepishly, and told him he just won the lottery.

I still roll smooth against the noobs, but I never underestimate them anymore...

I almost tapped to an insane headlock put on by a noob body builder.  The guy kept saying "I don't want to hurt you".  I started to get pissed cause I was sweeping the guy almost at will and had subbed him 2 or 3 times.  Then I let him get the head lock thinking it was an easy escape...but the guy was so damn strong I heard a cracking in my neck.  I think I resorted to the hand on mouth and nose to escape.  I was one second away from tapping.

HA! Nice story, Tosh!

it happns

I had a guy on his second day arm triangle me from side control. 200 pound very strong and fit fucker. I was playing open guard and he was doing the typical newbie "jump / baseball slide" to side control attempts.

On one attempt as he went and as I turned into him to take his back he clocked me right in the mouth with his elbow. He didn't know it had happened and as I was laying there on my back feeling my lip for blood (and there was some) he kept going and latched on the arm triangle.

I was like "ok fuck it" and started trying to escape. To his credit, he got the finish. After I cleaned up I beat his ass without mercy for 15 minutes.

TrevorRice, You're probably thinking of a different Perry. I'm a blue. I'm not a high rank myself, but I'm also not a complete noob.

Reasonmethis, I also want to point out that I've took some time off and wasn't in the best shape. Then again, when I was a white belt I tapped a purple who just started training again. I guess what comes around goes around.


Congrats on your blue belt. When did you get promoted?

Are you still training in Thailand? I don't think that we have any TUF newbies here. Honestly, the cable doesn't even have the show anymore. Most of the guys here usually have a background in some type of martial arts and the fitness level of a lot of the guys is quite good.

anyways, good luck with your training

NO. not to speak of . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

yes i get tapped mostly due to strenth moves.not much i can do to stop a 200lb newbie with some skill and grabs my samll wrist and then procedds to kimura or keylock me.i weigh 145-149 soaking wet

ugh, last night, it is kind of humiliating, I started out not attacking to give him a chance, thinking I could defend in a pinch, but the SOB turned out to be more skilled than I expected.

In the words of PT Barnum, "never give a sucker an even break!" or, "never give a white belt an opening until you KNOW what they are really capable of!"