Ever Get Travel Insurance???

I'm gonna be working and travelling throughout Asia for several months starting in January.

Prolly gonna do some scuba, hiking, outdoor activities etc....

Also, the crazy ass driving out there has always been a concern of mine.

Anyways, am thinking of getting Travellers Insurance.  I've never done so before so I'm not exactly sure how it works.

Like lets say I get hit by a bus or something and gotta be in a hospital for X amount of time.  Does the travellers insurance kick in and cover my medical bills in a foreign country?

Is it something that's tough to work out with the hospitals or does it make it waaaaay easier?  I think I heard of some horror storys where the hospitals either wont accept you or kick you out if you aren't able to pay.

Kinda wanna safeguard myself against that.

Anyways, any advice is appreciated as well as provider recomendations.

Much Thanks



I only have gotten it through Jet Blue when I fly with them. It's pretty cheap to add on to your ticket. A friend owns a hotel in Costa Rica. A woman had to be evaced by helocopter. Bill he signed that her insurance paid was 15000. Worth getting.

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Travel insurance is a must if you are going abroad or spending a decent chunk of $$$ on a trip in general.

The amount of coverage for medical coverage you get depends on the plan and the specific details within it. You'd typically want to get a package that has multiple types of medical coverage to make sure you have as much protection as possible.

In the scenario of getting hit by a bus and needing treatment at a hospital, to be fully protected you'd want to have an insurance plan that has medical treatment coverage, medical evacuation coverage, dental coverage (if you lose a tooth), coverage if you have a pre-existing condition, etc.

Last thing you'd want, for instance, is if you had to be transported to one hospital, then airlifted to a more sophisticated medical facility in a larger city, only to find out your travel insurance did not cover medical evac and you have people hounding you about the bill.

Get a credit card that offers travel insurance when you buy the tickets with their credit card. Certain credit cards offer insurance on your flight tickets and others offer insurance if you get hurt while traveling.

You would have to be stupid not to travel with full travel insurance. If anything happens to you it will cost you tens times the amount of getting the initial insurance.

Also...(sorry). Read the policy. On most policies skiing and adventure sports are not covered due to the dangerous nature. I know that visiting the USA I need a whole different insurance than I would get for Asia and Europe etc.

Yeah not all insurance covers physical activities. If you are going to go surfing, trailhiking or even snorkeling, make sure you have a plan that covers adventure/extreme sports or whatever they classify it as.

Also, you also have to do your best to be as accurate as possible about your medical history when you fill out paperwork to get insurance. If you had a check-up 4 months ago and your doc said you have high blood pressure or you're overweight, that needs to be disclosed.

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Jambo888 - 

always. uninsured foreign medical bills can ruin you. some activities probably are not covered though (high risk) or cost more to cover


standard for the coverage I get is:

emergency medical care up to $10M lifetime max

dental to $2k

hospitalization unlimited

meals/accomodation $300/day

return of deceased $10k (assuming anybody wants your body sent home)

travel assistance

public transporation accident $200k

trip cancellation 

trip interruption (will return you to trip)

air flight accident

accidental death/dismemberment benefit


extended from my company plan cost about $500/yr. 

Great info.  Thanks.

Do you know if the 500/year is at the low end or high end for a quote like this?

The policy they offered on my plane ticket was like $45 bucks.  I'll have to check how long it covers though.

Here's another question, not sure if anyone would know the answer.

Since I'll be living out of the country for a few months, would the policy meet the ACA requirments or would I still have to keep my current insurance through that time period?

I'd that if you are going diving then look at getting divers insurance also. Get medical treatment (for the bends etc) that is not covered under normal travel insurance


Westcoast80 - I'd that if you are going diving then look at getting divers insurance also. Get medical treatment (for the bends etc) that is not covered under normal travel insurance

Hahah! I was just looking at all these 'DAN' emails I've gotten in the past and assigned to my spam folder.

Actually looks like a great deal.