Ever go to your teams site?

And read the message board?

Man, I thought this place had dipshits on it. Whoever thougth up this internet crap couldn't have foreseen this shit. :(


I was just at the Astros board (I know, wrong forum), you're right, there's some dumb SOB's with modems. It's like this place, with even less logic. Tough to imagine, but it's true.

I don't go on the Vikings messageboard until at least after the start of training camp, I can handle only so much stupidity.

One guy actually thought the Bears should take Bob Sapp this year.

I didn't dig deep enought to find out if he knew they already did that - in 1997!!! (I think)

lol...1st round DT Bob Sapp

2nd Round QB Todd Marronovich(sp?)

3rd Round OT Tony Mandrich

now that would be a great first day draft

Sapp was actually an O-Lineman in college I believe.